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Each tour is built with the needs of the team in mind. We work together with you to ensure that the schedule suits the requirements you request. We are soccer people doing travel not travel people doing soccer, so we understand the needs of the team and what it takes to ensure each person travelling get the most out of the experience. We will provide you with an initial schedule based on your preferred dates and destination then work to develop the schedule to suit. We are extremely flexible with the duration and content of all tours.

Not only do we build an excellent schedule for the soccer players but we provide the parents with a separate schedule that will ensure they also have a truly fantastic experience. We understand that most parents will want the flexibility to do their own thing at times. Both schedules run alongside each other and allow the parents time to explore the city, go shopping or spend time relaxing on the beach or at the hotel. They are also welcome to watch training and games and spend valuable time with their child. Not only is this a soccer tour but it is also a time for parents to relax and enjoy a holiday at their own pace!

We understand the challenges faced when running a soccer club and understand that it is not always easy for everyone to travel. We offer a unique fundraising opportunity that every person travelling can take advantage of. The AMsportstours Raffle can help save a significant amount off the cost of your tour and the best bit is that you keep every penny you raise. For more information on this contact us.

As well as offering ways to save money, we also provide a flexible payment plan to ensure the costs are spread out into manageable amounts.

Yes. We provide free places based on the number of registered people. There is normally one free place per 25 travelling however, we can modify this if you require.

On every soccer tour, we have staff from AMsportstours with you for the duration of the tour. We will be on hand throughout the trip to manage and coordinate everything on the schedule. We also have staff in many of our destinations with good knowledge of the host city. The AMsportstours staff will provide information to parents who want to explore the cities themselves and visit places that are not on the schedule. The staff are not only there to manage and deliver the tour but are also there to build a rapport with the group and to make it a unforgettable experience!

To find out more about our guides, head over to our Meet the Team section.

Although AMsportstours has public liability insurance we do not include individual travel insurance. We find that many people have specific cover that they would like so we recommend booking this separately. Please remember that all travellers from the EU should apply for the EHIC card with covers you for medical insurance within the EU.

We do have other destinations that we can offer you. Please contact us and we will provide you with information on other destinations.