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SALT Academy

Cambodia and its people are recovering from a turbulent time in the nations history. The Cambodia people have seen so much horror on its path to peace.

After a number of visits to Cambodia, AMsportstours has formed a strong partnership with the SALT Academy in Battambang. The SALT Academy works towards developing young people through a sustainable community-based soccer program that teaches life skill lessons, vocational training and community engagement.

The charity is focused on protecting young women from the threat of human trafficking by supporting exceptional young female players in education, training, and personal development through their Mighty Girls soccer program.

Our SALT Academy partnership tours offer a unique programme allowing your team to participate in a top class soccer tour, play games, train at the National Training Centre, spend time on Cambodia’s beautiful beaches and enjoy other activities such as a boat trip up the river to Angkor Watt (where Tomb Raider was filmed). As part of the South East Asia soccer tour, your group will interact with the girls and staff from the SALT Academy to really learn about their experiences and how the SALT Academy has helped to improve the lives of so many.

We hope that the SALT Academy will thrive with your help. Profits from your tour will go to towards the continued growth of the SALT Academy in Cambodia. Contact AMsportstours for more information on this unique opportunity.

What we can provide

  • Top hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • All transport and transfers
  • Bangkok city tour by boat
  • Watch Thai boxing live
  • Boat trip to Angthong National Marine Park
  • Visit the Island of “The Beach'
  • All activities with Salt Academy
  • International soccer opposition and end of tour presentation
  • Dinner cruise in Bangkok
  • End of tour awards ceremony
  • AMsportstours tour kit
  • AMsportstours guide 24/7
  • Translator 24/7

Please contact us for a tailored schedule and price.

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