LA Premier FC In partnership with AM Sports Tours

AM Sports Tours are delighted to be partnering with Los Angeles Premier FC. Their first tour with AM Sports Tours came in 2012 when the girls travelled to Scotland and England. During their time in the UK, they got to experience the 2012 Olympics with the highlight meeting USWNT stars Shannon Boxx and Heather O'Reilly. 

The LA Premier Boys had a different experience, when they travelled to Spain visiting Barcelona and Madrid. They played against some excellent European opposition as well as watching FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in the 'El Clasico' live at Camp Nou!

Since the first two tours, LA Premier have travelled with AM Sports Tours to Brazil for the World Cup, Canada for the Women's World Cup, France for the Euros in 2016 as well as to London and Barcelona in Spring Break of 2017.

It's fair to say LA Premier FC players and families are benefitting from fantastic soccer travel experiences with AM Sports Tours and we look forward to continuing to build for the future. 

Next Tours

England & Scotland Tour - August 4th to 12th 2018 **Registration open**

Women's world cup tour france 2019 - june 2019 **REGISTRATION OPEN**


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